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Muscle Strengthening

a strong and intense Lesmills class!

Designed to reshape your silhouette in record time, the Aquadynamic ™ combines two types of effort.

Cardio and weight training to achieve the most effective combination and chase excess pounds while shaping your body !

cours aquadynamic piscine

in the water

It is in the pool of your sports club in Geneva and Lausanne that you can practice the Aquadynamic™ every week on high-volume and group playlists.

The sequences stimulate the whole body, which also benefits from the draining action of water on the tissues. Pros: the anti-cellulite effect of this intense fitness activity !

Good to know

Like the other fitness concepts by Les Mills, the Aquadynamic ™ is relaunched every 3 months. On this occasion, you experience the new choreography of the moment while sharing a pure moment of conviviality.

To test also : Aquabiking, water aerobics

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