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A cardio

Want to lose weight, better your stamina or just maintain your fitness? Visit the cardio area of ​​your fitness centers in Geneva and Lausanne. Train yourself on your own or with your personal trainer and access a state-of-the-art Technogym machine park. Between ellipticals, treadmills, rowers and other sitting or recumbent bikes, you no longer have excuses not to practice!

And because the premium spirit must be reflected at all levels, the space has been designed to preserve the training comfort of each while the trendy decor and subdued lighting atmosphere promote an ultra-positive atmosphere. So, want to test?

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A high-tech
bodybuilding space

Whether you’re crazy about muscle building, sporting activity or just a beginner, your premium sports club in Geneva and Lausanne offers the ultimate in weight training and cross training! Weight benches, presses, pulling machines … every brand new machine sports the Technogym brand. The spaces equipped with guided machines respond to areas designed for work with free loads and a complete circuit training. As a bonus, an Omnia ™ by Technogym zone allows cross training enthusiasts to better their practice of functional training, alone or with a personal trainer. What else?

Pros : each space has a well-thought out layout and thought for the comfort of each athlete while a professional coach moves on the weight platform to advise you on the use of devices or on the realization of a movement. It’s also the premium!

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