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A coach at your side
for quick results

You want to lose weight, resume a sporting activity, develop your musculature? Think about personal training! In Geneva and Lausanne, your premium fitness center puts at your disposal a team of 20 professional sports coaches.

Their specialty : accompany you every moment to help you achieve your goals. Choosing personal coaching means having a tailored training program specifically designed to meet your profile and level.

The pros : the renewed motivation, visibility in terms of progression, explanations and advice of the coach (pace, types of exercises, diet …).

For who ? Personal training is for all those who want to excel themselves, to resume a sporting activity (rehabilitation, young mothers), to achieve results (weight, performance) or to prepare for an event.


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A customized approach
for quick results

An initial assessment gives you your physical condition, your diet, your lifestyle and your goals. At the end of a sports evaluation, your personal coach builds the training program perfectly adapted to your profile, food tips bonus.

A precise progression curve allows you to see the results achieved. And it works! The evolution is much faster and more effective than during a solo training. In question, the technicality of the coach, his ability to boost your motivation and take you beyond your limits.

To get an idea of ​​what personal training could bring you, ask for your free report!

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