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Muscle Strengthening

a friendly anti-cellulite weapon

Come practice aquabiking in Geneva or Lausanne! Stimulating, draining, fun and calorie burning, this cycling in the water course promises to transform your figure.

For 45 minutes, you pedal in water over 26 ° on rhythmic playlists. The secret of this discipline to unparalleled benefits? The massaging action of water on the tissues. Result: beyond the calories burning, the legs enjoy a drainage that erases cellulite.

Playful and bluffing !

Séance Aquabiking

A “light leg”

Also effective for those who suffer from heavy legs, aquabiking literally boosts circulation in the lower limbs. Result: a “light leg” effect really invigorating.

To be practiced 1 to 2 times a week in alternation with another fitness specialty.

Why does it work?

The aquabiking bikes, specially designed for aquatic practice, have pedals equipped with fins that slow down the movement.

Once seated on the bike, you are immersed to the belly. That’s why this aquatic fitness class tones legs, thighs, buttocks and even abs.

Good to know : soft for the joints and not requiring to know how to swim, the aquabike is accessible to all.

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