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Muscle Strengthening

Water aerobics
to strenghten your body

In Geneva and Lausanne, come and experience a fitness activity accessible to all !

Gentle for the joints, water aerobics can be practiced by seniors, pregnant women, young mothers or seasoned athletes looking for performance.

The secret of this discipline ? An overall stimulation of the body and the joints preserved thanks to the water which absorbs any impact. To practice without moderation.

A custom
fitness class

With its two cardio and muscle strengthening components, the water aerobics practice pays off after a few weeks. The body is shaping, tissues are toning and, good news, dimples are as erased over the course of sessions. You can also try: the aquabike for its “light leg” effects.

Like all the other planning courses of your wellness center in Geneva or Lausanne, the water aerobics adapts to the level of the participants.

Objective : to allow everyone to have fun while progressing. To your swimsuits !

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