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60 min
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Muscle Strengthening

an exclusive class by Wellness

Taught in Switzerland exclusively at your Wellness Sports Club (Geneva and Lausanne), this class is a wake up call for fitness.

A former professional boxer imagined this concept based on combinations of hits from boxing, kick boxing or Thai boxing.

Note : no direct hit, only the gloves are targeted.

3 rounds
to fight

In combative mood ? That’s good because boxing requires a lot of energy.

To begin, you reconnect with the skipping rope story to warm up. Intense and invigorating ! Next are 2-minute, 3-round workshops that teach you moves and combinations of unstoppable hits. A must to let off steam !

Stamina and calories

With its fast-paced jumps, jump rope sessions and adrenaline rushes, boxing burns calories at the speed of light !

Excellent for promoting weight loss, it also sharpens stamina, coordination and motor skills. Complete and exhilarating !

Complementary activities
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