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Muscle Strengthening

123 Strength !

Bodypump™ is the fitness concept oriented curve and endurance. Intense and explosive, this Les Mills course combines muscle building and cardiovascular work.

The ideal recipe to eliminate unnecessary pounds while boosting muscle tone. Let’s go for a session !


Fitness course
sculpting your body

With no less than 800 reps per session, the Bodypump™ is the all-round champion of bodybuilding concepts. In groups, on explosive playlists and under the encouragement of the coach, you perform muscle building movements.

The use of weights makes the work that targets the lower and upper body more complex for a harmonious result.

Who is this class for ?

For those who are looking for shape and tone without gaining too much muscle.

Also to be tested in your gym in Geneva and Lausanne : Mills Grit Series™, BodyAttack, RPM.

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