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Muscle Strengthening

toned thighs and rounded buttocks

Who does not dream to have pretty round and firm buttocks with toned thighs that complete a flat and muscular stomach? It is possible with the CAF !

Taught in the group lessons of your Wellness Wellness Center in Geneva and Lausanne, this traditional concept embodies a sure value.

caf cuisses abdos fessiers femme poids

A hard body
from thighs to waist

Remodeling and ultra-strengthening, the CAF is practiced on the ground, with music and under the instructions of a coach. The secret of its effectiveness ? Targeted movements that actually isolate the muscles.

If you have burns in the thighs, abs and glutes, do not worry, it’s just a sign that your muscles are working !

To go further

To intensify the action of a CAF course on tonicity, consider adding an aquabike session.

Thanks to the massaging effect of the water, the lower part of the body benefits from a real drainage which stimulates the circulation and erases the dimples. Smart !

Complementary activities
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