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Muscle Strengthening

Redist your silhouette
with the Bodysculpt

Appointment to your Wellness fitness club in Geneva and Lausanne for a Bodysculpt class.

This fitness concept, which has become a classic in sports halls, owes its success to its formidable efficiency. Legs, thighs, buttocks, pecs, shoulders, arms … Bodysculpt wakes up the whole body !

bodysculpt femme pompes step

To blow off steam
toned body and lose weight !

Practiced every week, Bodysculpt obviously optimizes the physical condition and helps to keep in good shape.

By combining cardio-vascular effort and muscle building with or without a load, this course promotes weight loss by acting as a trigger. Finally, Bodysculpt’s movement combinations absolutely stimulate the whole body, bringing tonicity and contour to all levels.

Pros : the feeling of relaxation after the course. The best !

To practice in addition to this class

To intensify Bodysculpt’s action on a targeted area, the Wellness Sport Club coach recommends aquabike, a CX Worx™ or Grit Plyo™ for the lower body.

To practice alternately each week with a minimum of 2 to 3 all-inclusive sessions for visible results !

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