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Muscle Strengthening

LesMills Core
the express format for the center of the body !

With LesMills Core, experience 30 minutes of ultimate intensity !

Taught in your Wellness gym in Geneva and Lausanne, this fitness concept of the future targets abs, glutes and waist. A condensed CAF in a way, which combines deep strengthening and high cardio rhythm.

Note : the course was developed on the basis of advanced scientific research.

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worth the effort

As long as you practice every week, LesMills Core guarantees you big results ! More balance, hard abdominals, toned glutes and a wasp waist … all positive points that make it a fitness class not to be missed !

A new choreography every 3 months

Like the other Les Mills concepts (Bodypump™, RPM™, Bodybalance™ …), LesMills Core sees its choreography evolve every 3 months.

Objective : not letting your body get used to the effort by stimulating it in another way.

Note: the new Les Mills choreographies are the subject of festive revivals to share in a friendly atmosphere.

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