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Muscle Strengthening

bike courses you will remember

Go to the cycling studio of your Wellness Wellness Center in Geneva and Lausanne !

Dozens of ground-mounted bikes are just waiting for you to get a boost of RPM™. Under the encouragement of an explosive coach, you run the miles in music.

Cardio picks and other little surprises await you to boost your feelings and wake up your body. Let’s go !

The bike in studio
a true challenge

RPM™ bikes are equipped with a thumbwheel to unscrew to adjust the resistance level of the pedals. And it’s effective !

The sensation of pacing a virtual side, playlist thoroughly proves most exhilarating when you embark on the test. A race against the clock led by the group effect begins. Will you go to the end ?

What are the effects ?

Biking mainly stimulates the lower body with action on the legs, thighs and buttocks. On the cardio side, a RPM™ course sharpens endurance while promoting weight loss. Complete and super efficient.

Note : the new Les Mills choreographies are to be experimented in a convivial way every 3 months.

Complementary activities
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