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30 sessions to metamorphose your body

It was Joseph Pilates, inventor of the discipline, who promised his followers a brand new body after 30 Pilates sessions.

And for good reason, with its constant muscular contraction technique, especially on the abdominal part and its deep-fitting work, Pilates strengthens and invigorates.

pilates homme femme posture

The 6 levers
of the Pilates

The Pilates philosophy is based on six founding principles: centering and concentration, breathing, gesture control, fluidity and precision.

So many points to work to be able to achieve the demanding postures of the discipline.

What results can you expect from Pilates ?

The work of bodybuilding in depth strengthens the entire abdominal belt and the lumbar, favoring a perfect posture.

The discipline redraws the body by shaping each muscle. Finally, Pilates also works inside the body by boosting the blood circulation and massaging the organs.

You must try it at your Wellness Sport Club fitness center in Geneva and Lausanne !

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