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Muscle Strengthening

Pole Dance
dare the acrobatic dance !

Taught in Geneva and Lausanne in your Wellness Sport Club, this dance with a sulphurous reputation is practiced around a metal bar.

A real physical challenge to take up as the acrobatics turn out to be technical ! Will you dare ?

pole dance femme barre

Around the vertical bar

The metal bar exploited during a course of pole allows to vary the figures to infinity. Hanging up, twirling or playing acrobats upside down are some of the physical challenges you will face.

All in music and with grace please. Not so easy !

Good to know : the skin must be in contact with the metal to promote adhesion.

What effects can you expect from a pole dance class ?

Halfway between dance and acrobatic gymnastics, pole dance sheaths muscles in depth (test the figure of the flag), improves posture and strengthens the balance.

Another benefit and not the least, this bold discipline acts as an ego boost. You leave the course with the feeling of an accomplishment. And it feels good !

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