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Blow off steam

the dance which resculpts the silhouette !

To be tested in your Wellness Sport Club gym in Geneva and Lausanne, Bodyjam™ combines dance and intense cardio workout.

On 60 minutes of ultra-rhythmic playlist, perform the punchiest choreography, in groups and under the encouragement of a boosted coach.

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Bodyjam™ is a fitness dance concept designed by Les Mills to give you maximum enjoyment while guaranteeing results.

The course stimulates absolutely the whole body, leading you in sequences of footsteps that make you forget the effort.

Result : after a few months of regular practice, your silhouette is redrawn harmoniously. Coordination and posture improve. And the morale is good after each course!

Change your choreography every 3 months

Like other courses developed by Les Mills, Bodyjam™ sees its choreography evolve each quarter.

The opportunity to challenge yourself regularly with the learning of new steps and sequences !

Other fitness dance classes to test in Geneva and Lausanne: pole dance, salsa (only in Geneva), Sh’Bam™, Zumba®.

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