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Blow off steam

the art of fiesta fitness

Who has not heard of Zumba® ? This concept of Latin fitness dance has been invading the planet for a few years now. The secret of such success lies in the festive side of the courses.

The rhythms are “caliente”, the smile of rigor and … Zumba® embodies a dance accessible to all, whatever the level of the practitioners.

Let’s go for a class !

zumba groupe homme femme danse

To burn calories
without even noticing it !

Taught at your Wellness Sport Club gym in Geneva and Lausanne, Zumba® will wake up the cardio. Ideal for building endurance while having fun! Buttocks, thighs, abs … the lower body is particularly stressed at the time of the waves.

With a mix of gym moves and Latin dance steps, a Zumba® class can burn 500 calories !

In the same spirit

Want to try another accessible and fun dance class? So test the Sh’Bam™ for its festive, sensual and crazy playlist.

And to complete your weekly fitness program, consider scheduling a stretching session and a muscle building class to complement your dance classes.

Complementary activities
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