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Aquatic space
espace aquatique piscine geneve

A sports club
with a swimming pool !

Sharpen your figure smoothly !

Treat yourself to a moment of pure water fun in your premium fitness clubs in Geneva or Lausanne! Equipped with a beautiful swimming pool, each fitness center offers water courses accessible to all. Aquabiking, and water aerobics classes promise to help you decompress while toning your body through the draining effect of water. ‘water.

3 memberships to enjoy the benefits of water: soft for the joints, the sport in the water has a draining action. Enjoy its anti “heavy leg” and its anti-cellulite virtues through group lessons every week, small group training or as part of your personal training program!

+ Aquatic classes included in the subscription.

spa genève

A well-being space
to relax you

After the effort, the comfort! In Geneva and Lausanne, your wellness fitness center invites you to enjoy a Zen break in its relaxation area. Relax in the steam room or choose the dry heat of the sauna to end your workout in style.

+ Access to the wellness area is included in the Wellness Sport Club package. No additional cost and access is unlimited, 7/7 during opening hours.

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