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Fitness Slimming : Your anti-cellulite program

How to knock out the dimples that run along our thighs, buttocks or hips? The Wellness Sport Club coach is releasing his fitness arsenal. The orange peel-skin won’t have a chance!

Cellulite: every woman is concerned!
Slim or heavy, same fight. Cellulite affects all types of women. This natural phenomenon comes in three versions more or less difficult to contain. Fatty cellulite reflects a lifestyle based on a sedentary lifestyle and a fatty diet. Infiltrated, cellulite is due to a problem of blood circulation and a lack of physical activity.

3rd type of cellulite, the fibrous version corresponds to fat cells encrusted for some time and therefore difficult to dislodge. In any case, the coach is formal. Fitness and bodybuilding associated with a proper diet effectively fight against orange peel. Follow the guide!

The most effective anti-cellulite fitness classes
If cellulite is linked to a blood circulation deficit, do not hesitate to choose fitness activities that wake you up! Go to, RPM™ or Grit Cardio™ classes. Targeted on the lower body, these 3 courses boost the cardio while burning a maximum of calories, the strengthening effect is a bonus!

And to drain deeply, unclog the grease and lighten swollen legs, put everything on the aqua fitness, including aquabiking that really sculpts the legs and thighs. Finally, choose ultra-targeted activities such as CX Worx or more traditional CAF.

The principle? Work on a specific area (buttocks, thighs, center of the body) to thin, strengthen and sculpt.

5 anti-cellulite tips
Since cellulite is often linked to a problem of water retention, limit your salt intake which increases this phenomenon. Another reflex to apply on a daily basis: the jet of cold water at the end of the shower to wake up the circulation.

Avoid ultra-tight outfits that tighten the body and stop circulation. Also watch out for prolonged exposure to heat sources such as heating or the sun that dilates the vessels. Last advice of the coach and not the least, massage in the shower or after to destock the fat deposits.

Summer is coming, go to your premium Wellness Sport Club gym in Geneva or Lausanne for an effective slimming program!

Photo Credit : Freepik – Texts : Skom.

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