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Stress : Be done with it thanks to fitness

When you’re close to the burnout, there’s nothing like a good workout. Which fitness class to choose, how does physical activity affect stress? The Wellness Sport Club Coach sheds light on the matter.

Gym: a scientifically recognized anti-stress action
It is proven, physical exercise (Zumba®, Bodypump™, aquabike …) allows the body to secrete hormones that act positively on the level of stress. Result: we feel soothed and rejuvenated after a fitness session.

If the body is relaxed, the mind is not left behind because the concerns that seemed insurmountable before the session seem much less after the sport. However you need to train 2 to 3 times a week at least!

The most effective anti-stress fitness classes
Whatever the activity, the sport brings a feeling of well-being useful to fight against stress. However, some disciplines are particularly challenging.

This is the case of yoga and Bodybalance™, two zen disciplines taught at Wellness Sport Club Geneva and Lausanne. Focused on the refocusing and on breathing, these two techniques make it possible to release the pressure from the first session.

Walking, running and cycling to clear your mind
When the black thoughts parasitize the brain and we feel mentally emptied, nothing like a type of walk activity, run on a treadmill or a bike. Playlist thoroughly on the ears, we embark on a frantic session that allows you to forget everything. Focused on the breath, we make sure to keep up the pace. Hypnotic and it will burn a lot of calories!

Bodycombat ™ and boxing: let off steam to evacuate negative energies
Another technique to get rid of stress, combat sports can serve as an outlet. Intense and rhythmic, they push us into our entrenchments, sometimes giving us the impression of fighting against ourselves. And it works!

Once the class is over, feelings of anger, resentment and inner tension seem to evaporate. To test at Wellness: Bodycombat and boxing.

Coach anti-stress counseling
Notice to smartphone addicts, leave your mobile in the locker room! You will be better able to get your daily concerns (sms, e-mails …). At the end of the session, consider taking a walk through the hammam or sauna to further enhance the feeling of well-being related to the sport. Amazing!

To benefit from all the benefits of sport, go to your Wellness Sport Club gym in Geneva or Lausanne!

Photo Credit : Freepik – Texts : Skom.

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