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Health : 5 anti-sore muscles advic

18 . 07 . 19

To avoid stiffness after a Bodypump or Bodycombat intense, read the advice of your Wellness Coach!

A bottle of water, the essential accessory
The reflex to limit aches and pains? Hydration! Whatever the type of effort or the type of collective lessons chosen, your coach advises you to drink before, during and after the effort. All in regular sips so you do not hurt your stomach.
Result: the body eliminates more easily the toxins responsible for body aches.

A tougher warm up
The warm-up is essential to put the body in condition and thus limit the risk of injury and the intensity of body aches. Before your workout, go to the cardio area at the beginning of the session. 10 to 15 minutes will be enough to “heat up” your muscles.

Stretching at the end of the session
Stretches must be part of your training. Their action aims to irrigate the blood muscle which will chase toxins and lactic acid responsible for body aches.
The good idea: follow on a hammam or sauna to enhance the effects of stretching, relaxation bonus!

The little tips that work
Granules or gel, Arnica relieves pain and helps prevent aches. Another essential remedy: the hot bath with baking soda. Beyond its soft skin effect, this magic product acts against the acidity that promotes aches and pains.

Photo credit : Freepik – Texts : Wellness Sport Club.

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