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Swimming pool : Why are we hungry after the aquabike class ?

02 . 07 . 19

Whether you’re taking a class in Aquatonic, aqua aerobics, aquadouce or aquabiking, the observation is the same. Each end of the session is placed under the seal of craving. Why and how does the sport make you want to eat? Explanation with the Wellness Coach (Geneva and Lausanne).

Aqua fitness activities: a challenge for the body
If swimming and fitness classes in water (water aerobics, aquabike …) prove to be gentle on the joints, they are tougher. Making movements in a pool produces unusual effects on the body. The members meet a resistance against the water while the body enjoys a weightlessness effect. As a result, it feels like you’re not making an effort when you’re spending more than on dry land.

Water, which always has a lower temperature than the body, forces the body to fight to maintain at 37 ° C at least. Finally, the immersed body – not to mention the purely practical aspect – we rarely think of hydration. All these reasons explain a record consumption of calories and craving post aquagym that takes hold of us at the end of a course.

Should we have a snack after an aqua class?
To answer the question: should I listen to my body and give in to this impulse, the coach answers no. The method to resist? Start by drinking a maximum. Water obviously and especially not sodas. Rehydrated, the body will begin to give some signs of appeasement.

What to do after that: wait thirty minutes (doing something else is better). Take the test, the feeling of hunger fades over time, evidence of the fleeting nature of the munchies.

And if we give in?
The Aquatonic course was particularly hard and you think it’s impossible to hold until dinner? Try to wait 30 minutes to get rid of the compulsive side of the munchies and you can have a snack of champion based on dried fruits and / or fruit.

As far as drink is concerned, we focus on green tea that detoxifies the body. Avoid: chocolate bars and other sugars fast and devoid of nutritional interest for the body.

For all the answers to your fitness questions, visit the Wellness Sport Club premium fitness center in Geneva or Lausanne!

Photo credit : Melbourne – Texts : Skom.

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