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Sport and anatomy : Fat or muscle which is the heaviest ?

It is not uncommon that after a slimming program like Bodypump™ + CX Worx™ + aquabike, the silhouette is reshaped and refined while the weight stays the same. Discover why!

Sport does not always mean losing weight
That’s it! It happens that as the summer is coming, we follow the most intense fitness courses (cross training, Sprint™, Grit™ …) in order to lose extra pounds. In front of the mirror and in the clothes, the result is necessary. The waist is refined, the thighs sharpen, the silhouette rises. And yet.

Almost no gram on the scale! And for good reason, the fat cells have a volume much higher than that of the muscles. In other words, the greasy, floating tissue occupies more space in the body than the muscle whose higher density makes it a more compact mass. Result: with sport, muscle nibbles space on fat. The body is visibly reshaped; one can lose several sizes of clothing without it being seen during weighing.

Fat VS muscle: volume question
It’s now established. The fat expands into the body, giving the silhouette that soft and bloated appearance. Conversely, the 600 muscles of the human body offer a tonic and firm appearance.

In fact, let’s take for example two women whose size and weight are identical. When their percentage of muscle and adipose tissue differs, the one whose muscle mass is larger offers a much slimmer silhouette than that whose fat mass predominates.

Conclusion: for equal weight, the distribution between fat mass and muscle mass makes the body look very different.

How to find out if sports sessions are effective?
If weight is no longer a decisive criterion for measuring one’s results, what can one rely on? According to the Wellness Coach, the ideal is to take selfies before, during and after. Another track: the impedance measurement which calculates the aqueous mass, the bone mass, the fat mass and the muscular mass.

Finally, don’t forget that a developed muscle mass increases the basic metabolism, in other words the number of calories necessary to ensure the proper functioning of the body at rest. No doubt, it is a good reason to continue to work out.

What fitness classes to reshape his figure?
To sculpt the silhouette, we put everything on concepts that combine cardio and muscle strengthening.

Amazing, this mix has the effect of consuming maximum energy while boosting endurance and shaping the body. Try: Bodysculpt, Bodypump™, Grit™ …

Want to know more? See you in your premium Wellness Sport Club gym in Geneva or Lausanne!

Photo Credit : Alain Rico – Texts : Skom.

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