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Motivation fitness : 3 tips to be at top during the festivals

Fitness Classes

It’s not always easy to get out and go to the gym, especially when it’s cold outside and it’s dark at 5 pm! To no longer forget about your Zumba®, aquabiking or Sh’Bam ™ classes, follow the coach!

Effort and time off: a wise dosage

What you do too much or not enough, the result is the same! And here, it’s not just about fitness and bodybuilding but daily activities. That is why it is essential to move during the day while making sure to sleep well at night. On the sport side, group classes (Bodypump ™, Bodysculpt, Pilates …) or solo training (cardio, functional, bodybuilding) trigger the production of booster hormones. To practice as soon as possible at least twice a week (in Geneva and Lausanne). To maintain motivation!

In the morning, stretch !

Look at cats. When you wake up, you stretch each part of your body to stimulate the muscles while boosting energy production right from the bed. Perfect to emerge gently during the first five minutes of the day. Still fasting, we drink a hot lemon juice to activate the transit, clean the digestive tract and make a nice complexion. At the sports club, the benefits of stretching are extended by a session of energy yoga (Geneva) or mind & body (Lausanne) which is a resource. Regain of energy guaranteed!

Take care of yourself

Nothing better after a good boxing session (Geneva gym) or biking (Lausanne gym) than a hammam or sauna. Detoxifying and relaxing, a heat bath, whether it is dry or wet, is a resource for the body and the mind. What to boost morale and therefore motivation.

To take care of yourself from the inside, we monitor our diet avoiding fast sugars, bad for the line and for your health. So be careful with treats during the holidays, likely to cause destabilizing energy fluctuations. To favor: fruits and vegetables full of vitamin C, fatty fish for vitamin D (special mention: cod liver).

Go to the Wellness Sport Club gym in Geneva or Lausanne to learn more and try a course!

Photo credit: Melbourne Agency – Texts: Skom.


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