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Fitness : 10 gym classes to sculpt the silhouette !


What fitness classes to choose to overcome a round belly or heavy thighs? The sports coach at your Wellness Sport Club gym (in Geneva and Lausanne) gives you his secrets!

Gym classes to adopt for a flat stomach
How to get rid of the small love handles above the belt of the pants? You have to begin by reviewing your food hygiene to put the odds on your side. And to burn a lot of fat, the best is to practice fitness classes that combine cardiovascular and muscle strengthening. In the special flat and firm stomach program, several gym classes can be combined.

To test immediately: the ultra-targeted concept CX Worx™ that wakes up the cardio and strengthens the abs or, in the same spirit, a course of CAF. Another course to adopt to burn a maximum of calories while remodeling your body: Bodypump™. Finally, to strengthen the abdominal belt, nothing like core strengthening to practice solo on the functional space of your gym or as part of a Pilates class.

Fitness classes against arched back
To avoid making the round back permanently in an unattractive position, we focus on muscle strengthening. Head to your gym’s weight area to practice pulling exercises and train on the lumbar bench. Regarding fitness classes, as dance acts very favorably on the posture, quickly schedule a course of Zumba® or Sh’Bam™ in your week!

The coach’s fitness advice: pay attention to shoulders that tend to tilt forward and amplify the phenomenon. To avoid it, stick out your chest and keep your head straight.

Group classes that target the quadriceps
Not firm enough, riddled with cellulite or too bulky … Thighs give us a hard time! To strengthen them, head for the swimming pool of your favorite gym for an aquabike class. In the water, it’s like you’re not even making an effort and you get the most pleasant sensation of weightlessness.

As a result, you don’t even realize that you are burning calories while strengthening muscles and tissues. Best ally to fight against cellulite, water acts as a lymphatic massage that will drain the lower limbs to reshape the lower body in no time. Also try, this time on dry land: a Grit™ class or a biking class.

Want to know more ? See you at your Wellness Sport Club gym in Geneva or Lausanne!

Photo credit : Wellness Sport Club – Texts : Skom.

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