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Figure : How to stay in shape in 4 movements?

Beyond Bodysculpt or aquabike classes, adopting certain fitness reflexes on a daily basis can make a difference. Explanation with the Wellness gym coach in Geneva and Lausanne.

1 – Use and abuse stairs
To carve dream legs, no mystery, we must stimulate them! First tip, forget the elevator in favor of the stairs. And as you are very motivated, make it difficult and climb tiptoeing. Guaranteed sensations!

Every day think about getting off the bus a stop before the destination to be able to walk more. It’s good for your circulation! And at the gym, focus on courses such as aquabiking, RPM™ or Sprint™.

2 – Contract your muscles
Do you know the fitness electrodes? The coach’s method is a bit like this but in manual mode. We contract the buttocks as soon as we have the opportunity. And we do the same with the abs. Waiting for the train, while cooking or in the office.

Controlling and releasing some muscles throughout the day helps to tone the figure and feel active and fit. To be added obviously to the practice of CAF or CX Worx™ targeted muscle strengthening classes!

3 – Consume energy on the dance floor
Advice to fitness dancers (Zumba®, Sh’Bam™, pole dance…), the calories are also spent in the evening. Obviously, no alcoholic beverages and junk food salty or sweet and focus on the sparkling water, the series of frenzied choreography and the buffet of raw vegetables.

4 – Work your chest every morning in front of the mirror
A nice chest goes through firm pecs. Simple to perform, some gestures are easily broken in the course of the day. In the bathroom facing your mirror, join your praying hands in front of your face. Squeeze your palms together. Release, tighten. 10 to 15 times. Once the exercise is finished, consider finalizing your shower with a jet of cold water. Nice neckline guaranteed!

Photo credit : Freepik – Texts : Skom.

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