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45 min
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Let off steam!

Move in the water:
fun and challenging!

Head to the swimming pool of your sports club for 45 minutes of crazy dance! Resolutely festive, this fitness dance class promises you a moment of letting go and bursts of laughter.

Hyper accessible, the choreographies are linked to rhythms that make you want to move your body. Zouk, dance, house or Latin American playlists, anything goes!

espace aquatique piscine geneve

A dance class
toning cardio

The footsteps in the water are subjected to the resistance of the liquid element which intensifies the effort.

Result : we benefit from an express drainage that firms the whole body. On the cardio side, endurance improves with hard work.

The good news: advice to the most timid, when you are immersed, step errors go unnoticed. To the best of my mind !

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