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45 min
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Muscle Strengthening

Pilates postures
to realize in swimming pool

New sensations on the program with this Pilates aquatic course of 45 minutes! In the water, submerged up to the belly, we chain traditional figures which strengthen the deep muscles while struggling to maintain its balance.

The key is better knowledge of your body and improved posture.

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A gaining course
and relaxing

Like classic Pilates, aquapilates is based on a sustained contraction of the abdominal belt and on strengthening of all the muscles in the body . Invigorating, the course has a soothing component in the pool thanks to the aquatic element that invites you to relax. Well-being guaranteed!

The plus: the absence of any impact.

For whom ?
Aquapilates can be practiced by anyone , including those who cannot swim. This course is suitable for all ages and all profiles, especially those who are more comfortable in a pool than in a traditional classroom.

Please note : aquapilates sharpens the deep and postural muscle chains (transverse, deep back muscles, glutes and deep thigh muscles) in a festive and friendly atmosphere.

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