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Pilates, tai chi and yoga have come together at the heart of the Les Mills concept. With Bodybalance™, access a rejuvenating universe that promotes relaxation, muscle building and relaxation.

What else?

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Discover the benefits
of Bodybalance

To test the Bodybalance™, visit your Wellness Center in Geneva and Lausanne. Head to the club’s collective class room for a 45-minute session in Zen mode.

Complete, this course promotes concentration and refocusing necessary for relaxation.

Work on the breath helps breathe better while the exercises strengthen the entire body with a reinforced action on the abdominal belt.

Note: the change of choreography every 3 months which is the object of a festive animation.

To be tested too : an energy yoga class, an anti-stress yoga class (in Geneva only) or Pilates.

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