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Muscle Strengthening

with Bodycombat™ !

Need to let off steam ? Head for the group lessons of your fitness club in Geneva and Lausanne for a Bodycombat™ class.

Without contact for maximum security, this course inspired martial arts (karate, taekwondo, boxing) promises however to release your energy. Everybody inside !

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An endurance

With its fast-paced high-speed strokes, Bodycombat™ sharpens endurance and coordination.

Demanding equilibrium and postural work, this concept plays in the big league calorie wise with no less than 700 units consumed per hour.

As a bonus, the discipline promotes weight loss and the development of the curve. Silhouette remodeled after a few weeks !

A new choreography every 3 months

No risk of getting bored with Bodycombat™ ! Like the other Les Mills courses, this concept evolves every 3 months. The opportunity to experiment new choreographies in festive mode, in a fun and friendly atmosphere.

To test too : Boxing.

Complementary activities
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