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Fitness dance

to allow sport and fun of dance

The pleasure sport by Les Mills, it gives Sh’Bam™. A concentrate of 12 top trend songs and a great playlist on which you’ll perform a terrific choreography. What a program !

Taught at the Wellness Sport Club fitness centers in Geneva and Lausanne, Sh’Bam™ is accessible to everyone thanks to steps that can be done without any prerequisites. Easy to get in the mood !

shbam danse groupe homme femme

A fun dance
fitness class that burn a lot of calories

With Sh’Bam™, you will enjoy the pleasure of dancing in a very friendly atmosphere. Specialist in the discipline, the coach gives a fun twist to this course which also benefits from the energy of the group.

Particularly rhythmic, Sh’Bam™ connects cardio peaks and recovery periods. And the discipline burns a lot of calories, no less than 500 calories !

As a bonus, Sh’Bam ™ strengthens endurance, tones the whole body and improves coordination. What else ?

New dance steps every 3 months

Each trimester, the choreographies of Les Mills dance classes evolve.

It’s impossible to get bored, because once your steps are well assimilated and the choreography mastered, you have to challenge yourself again and again on a new playlist. Fun and refreshing !

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