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Discover WellNess Lausanne fitness

Salle de fitness à Lausanne où pratiquer l'aquabike, le Pilates et le Bodypump.

Finally decided to join the gym, are you looking for your fitness crush in Lausanne? To practice aquabike, Pilates or LesMills (Bodypump™) classes, go to WellNess Sport Club!

The fitness must-have in Lausanne

It is rue du Valentin, at number 30, that the WellNess Lausanne fitness center welcomes you. As soon as the doors open, vast spaces are available to you, revealing no less than 2,000 m² of high-end sports facilities. Cardio-training, bodybuilding and also a cross training area alongside a swimming pool and a group class room as well as a bike studio.

From aquabike classes to Pilates sessions and Bodypump™ sessions , Lausanne fitness offers more than 100 group lessons every week. Focus on 3 classes full of sensations.

Aquabike Lausanne: the fitgirls’ favorite class

It is said to be formidable for fighting cellulite and cellulite. It would also be effective for losing a few pounds and reshaping the entire lower body. As a bonus, this water sport would make our legs feel light. It’s good to aquabike aka aquabiking we’re talking about! Taught at fitness WellNess Lausanne, this aquatic course is included in the subscription (without obligation) to the club and is not No need to know how to swim.

Pilates Lausanne: a brand new body after 30 sessions

The promise is tempting. And it was the creator of Pilates who formulated it like this. At the end of 30 Pilates classes, you can expect a transformed silhouette and a more toned and stronger body. The best thing about discipline? Constant abdominal stimulation and long-term sheathing which gives us the perfect body. To be tested to be sure!

Bodypump™ Lausanne: cardio and strengthening in a single concept

The LesMills concept Bodypump™ draws its success from its recipe which combines a lot of muscle strengthening work with a sustained pace. The result ? A reduction in fat in favor of muscle and a body that is reshaped and shaped over the course of the classes.

LesMills Lausanne: discover nearly 10 specialties in the WellNess schedule

Excellent news for fans of LesMills concepts, the fitness de Lausanne does not stop at the pump and also offers :

  • RPM™ and Sprint™ classes,
  • LesMills Core™ courses,
  • Bodybalance™ classes,
  • Bodyattack™ classes,
  • Bodycombat™ classes,
  • Sh’Bam™ lessons.

Want to try a course? Contact Lausanne Fitness to find out more!

Photo credit & text : WellNess Sport Club

Published the 30 April 2024

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