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6 Tips to Relieve Back Pain

15 . 04 . 19

The evil of the century affects eight out of ten people. Targeted activities, daily tips, your coach Wellness Sport Club presents several tips to help relieve back pain.

Practice sports activities!
The absence of sport comes first among the causes of low back pain. If it is advisable to take several days off in case of severe pain, the movement helps to relieve outbreaks. Your Wellness coach advises you to favor soft sports activities to begin with.

Which group classes to practice?
The treadmill and the bike are appropriate efforts in case of pain. Some targeted classes work directly on back pain such as Pilates that strengthens the muscles supporting the spine. Another fitness activity to practice: Yoga which includes exercises to strengthen the back.

Important point: never forget the warm up and the stretching which preserves risks of injuries.

Reflexes to adopt daily
Do you have to lift heavy loads? Never bend your back with your legs straight but bend your knees while keeping your back straight.

Sitting in front of your computer, do not adopt a curved back position, head forward and cross-legged which constitute a very dangerous mix for intervertebral discs.

Finally for you ladies who enjoy heels, review the height of the latter whose size should be ideally between 3 and 4 centimeters. As for bags, beware of the shoulder bags that unbalance spine, shoulders and neck. Think of the backpack or a bag that is held by hand.

To go further…
Targeted strengthening exercises can help strengthen the back and relieve low back pain. The exercises like the plank, face and back to the ground is a targeted training easy to achieve in all circumstances and wherever you are.

Need a health advice? Do not hesitate to contact the sports team of your premium gym in Geneva Wilson and Lausanne!

Photo credit : Pexels – Texts : Skom.

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