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How to stay hydrated when we play sport ?

06 . 11 . 19

If you spent your Bodypump class blinking or if you suffer from a headache after your session, look no further, you are running out of water! To stay well hydrated, discover in this article the symptoms that should alert you!

Your body expresses itself

Whatever the sport, sweating causes loss of water and minerals. Our Wellness Coach therefore advises you to drink mineral water.

Objective: maintain your performance as a Bodycombat or Cross Training champion at the top and avoid many physical inconveniences such as headache. In case of lack of water, the brain, less irrigated loses elasticity and it hurts!

Our advice? Drink a large glass of water at the first symptom and wait a few minutes before taking a pill.
Another warning sign is faster blinking than usual. If dry, the eye needs to rehydrate more often thanks to the blinking.

Finally, if you go to the toilet less often and your urine seems darker, drink!  In conclusion, the good reflex consists in drinking in small quantities before, during and after your workout.

Your behavior changes

But what’s going on today? You have been practicing Zumba for months, you have a lot of trouble coordinating your movements during the session! Only one thing to do: drink quickly!

The lack of water, necessary for the proper functioning of the brain, affects your concentration which explains both coordination problems and bad mood.

The lack of water can be read on your face

At the end of your Bodyattack or Biking class, you have an ugly feeling of tight skin.
When you look in the mirror, you notice small wrinkles around the eyes. It’s an obvious sign of dehydration!

To be sure, pinch the skin of your face which should immediately return to its original position.
Another sign to take into account for women: the hold of make-up, less good when the skin lacks water.

Photo Credit : Freepik – Texts : Wellness Sport Club

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