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Bodybuilding and fitness : What are the effects on the body ?

Fitness and Gym
06 . 01 . 20

A Grit Cardio to boost endurance, a yoga session to recharge your batteries or Pilates to soften your joints … fitness acts positively on the body. Discover 5 major benefits with the Wellness Sport Club coach in Geneva and Lausanne!

Bodypump™, Zumba®, Aquagym: we move to oil our joints!
Imagine what your daily life would look like if your joints lost their functionality. Goodbye flexibility of the wrists, ankles, knees and other key points of the body, hello absolute rigidity. To avoid this, the secret lies in the movement. Thanks to movement, the joints are lubricated and softened.

To preserve the beautiful mechanics of the body, we practice weekly activities such as Cross Training, aquagym (Geneva and Lausanne) or Bodysculpt (Geneva and Lausanne). And let’s move!

We use our core to strengthen the back
Does core strength speak to you? This type of muscle building works in depth. It guarantees concrete abs for a flat stomach effect or a sufficiently muscular back to avoid low back pain. Which courses to choose to practice this training?

Pilates (Geneva and Lausanne), working the whole body and relying on a prolonged contraction of the abdominal belt, is one of the most effective activities in this area. Also to be tested for the plump buttocks bonus: fitness concepts such as buttocks and CX Worx™ in Geneva or CAF courses in Lausanne.

We dance to improve coordination, posture and balance
It is well known that dance, by stimulating the upper and lower body, helps to work on coordination and synchronization. As a bonus, a Zumba® (Geneva) or Sh’Bam™ fitness dance class improves balance and plays on posture. Another advantage of dance: the more flexible and festive aspect, downright good for morale!

We lift weights and run to strengthen our body
You never hear about it, but the impacts, except in the case of fragile joints, have benefits for the body. Thus, carrying weights as part of a muscle strengthening course (Bodypump™, Bodysculpt in Geneva and Lausanne) or during a weight training session, results in bone microcracks which make the bones stronger thanks to a reconstruction process.

We play endurance to strengthen the cardiovascular block
Go to the cardio-training area of your gym in Geneva and Lausanne to practice running on a mat, bike or rower! Objective: stimulate the heart and boost circulation to shield its arteries. In terms of lessons, fitness concepts such as aquaboxing, boxing or Bodyattack™ (Geneva) or biking lessons in Lausanne promise to make the heart of the most trained indoor sports enthusiasts beat fast!

To benefit from all the benefits of sport, go to your Wellness Sport Club gym in Geneva or Lausanne!

Photo Credit : Agence Melbourne – Texts : Skom.

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