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Accessories gym : 8 tips to choose a smartphone cuff well

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17 . 01 . 19

It helps you to keep going during your fitness work out, memorize the number of tractions performed during your weight training session or count the Zumba® step sequences. This is the essential gadget to do everything in modern times … the smartphone! Whether you are bodybuilding, Pilates or stretching, the tips of your gym Wellness to choose your smartphone armband is now!

Why keep your smartphone at the gym?

In the cardio or weight training room, the use of the smartphone in the gym often comes down to listening to your favorite fitness playlist. This is a good first reason to use the valuable device during a workout. But a Smartphone can take us much further and help us to surpass ourselves. The many sports apps offer fitness programs and other statistics to measure the time spent at the sports club, the heart rate or the progression curve.

Control points for an easy-to-use armband (fitness class, weight training, cardio training)

We do not always think about it but nothing beats the Velcro closure to close the cuff with one movement and … with one hand! Convenient, fast and efficient. To avoid condensation due to perspiration, choosing a model designed to leave moisture outside the pocket can be useful during a Bodyattack ™ (Geneva gym club) or biking class. (Lausanne gym club)! Side storage, a pocket to store your locker keys or credit card is a plus. To be checked: the presence of special cutouts for headphones and the ability to use the touch screen of the smartphone when inserted into the fitness cuff.

Comfort for sport

The top in terms of fitness cuff for smartphone? The accessory should be light. Objective: to practice your favorite sport (boxing, Sh’bam ™, X training …) without anything impediment. The good idea of ​​the coach? Choose an ultra-light sport model, anti-sweat and adjustable, able to adapt to everyone’s morphology. And to be sure, try it before buying!

Go to your Wellness Sport Club gym in Geneva or Lausanne to find out more!

Photo credit: Fotolia – Texts: Skom.

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