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Fitness : 5 tips for sports in an eco-friendly mode

05 . 12 . 19

Combining physical activity and ecology is now possible. From green sneakers to stainless steel flasks, the Wellness coach lists the reflexes to adopt to respect the environment while training.

1 – Choose a sports outfit in recyclable material
Fitness bras and leggings are now available in recyclable fibers or organic cotton. Also to be tested: recycled hemp and cotton, which are perfect for practicing yoga or Bodybalance™.

For those who do not want to search, the simplest solution is to bet on the opportunity. Second-hand sportswear for a vintage effect in the gym! To test: clothes and sneakers designed in fishing nets.

2 – Set your sights on a pair of green sneakers
Sole, shoe interior, exterior fabric … eco-designed sports sneakers have been creating the event for a few years. When some brands play it vegan, others promote responsible production or promise a planted tree for each pair of sneakers sold. This is a good reason to change your step or Bodyattack™ shoes regularly!

3 – Choose ecological accessories
From the special bodybuilding sports bag to the aquabiking towel made of organic cotton and the RPM™ Oeko Tex socks, the choice is yours! To go further, we take the toiletry bag that goes well with organic deodorant, ethical shower cream and body lotion made from 100% natural ingredients to the locker room. The best ? Recyclable packaging and a formulation designed to limit the impact of products on the environment.

4 – Replace the plastic water bottle with a reusable container
We have to admit. When you practice your favorite sport (Bodycombat™, Cx Worx™, Cross Training…), it is always provided with a plastic water bottle. And yet. There are other alternatives. Less polluting. This is the case with the glass gourd.

Too heavy for some, it is available in a lighter stainless steel version. And also: there are eco-designed gourds devoid of materials harmful to health. To test !

5 – Concoct your own energy bars
Because snacking after sport is sacred, we advise you to try the various recipes in vogue on the web to prepare your energy bars yourself. Made from oatmeal, dried fruit and honey, they help stomachs suffering from post-aquabike or post-cross-training cravings.

Advantage, they avoid the impacts of industrial production on the environment. It is not every day that we can have fun while doing a good deed!

Find other smart advice in your premium Wellness Sport Club in Geneva or Lausanne!

Photo Credit : Freepik – Texts : Skom.

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