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Fitness muscle : 10 anti-aging powers

Fitness and Gym

From water aerobics to Bodypump ™ to Pilates, it’s proven, practicing physical activity acts like an elixir of youth. Deciphering the anti-aging virtues of sport with the coach of your Wellness gym (Lausanne and Geneva).

Bodybuilding and fitness to fight the signs of time

Did you know? The aging process begins after 25 years with the decline of certain hormones. Result: the fat percentage increases while mass and muscle tone decline gently, resulting in a gradual relaxation of tissue. A good reason to go to Bodysculpt, Grit ™ (Geneva) or circuit training (Lausanne) as soon as possible! Especially as things get tough quickly with a decrease in muscle mass at a rate of 0.5% per year (variable depending on the person) on average from age 30 and, wait for it, 1% from 40 years! Tick ​​tock tick, not a minute more to lose!

Sport: recognized anti-aging actions

Good news, studies prove that the practice of a sport has an action on the famous hormones mentioned above. And this, at any age. These hormones guarantee our youth participate in the renewal and repair of tissues while stimulating the regeneration processes of bones, muscles, tendons. To find out how it works, read on!

The powers of cardiovascular effort (aquabiking, RPM ™, Zumba®) Practicing an endurance sport (biking in Lausanne, boxing in Geneva) has unsuspected virtues! True antioxidant, the cardiovascular effort boosts the blood circulation and drains the toxins to a real internal cleaning. Lungs, liver, intestines, skin, kidneys … are thus offered a purification at each cardio-training session while the heart strengthens. Extended over time, the cardio effort burns more calories, promoting weight loss.

Bodybuilding: Effects on Bone and Joint Health

Whether traditional bodybuilding exercises are practiced or a Bodypump ™ or Bodysculpt course, each contraction exerts stresses on the bones via tendons. Result: they solidify to resist the effort. This is the secret of the anti-osteoporosis action of muscle building exercises. Unstoppable! As a bonus, a training carried out in a functional way, by stimulating the muscular chains, makes it possible to preserve a harmonious postural scheme and thus to escape the evil of the century: low back pain. To do for convincing results: provide 2 to 3 fitness sessions each week.

To enjoy all the benefits of sport, go to your Wellness Sport Club gym in Geneva and Lausanne!

Photo credit: Melbourne Agency – Texts: Skom.

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