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A lot of motivation for the return of the summer holidays !

Fitness Biking
20 . 08 . 19

With the return from the summer holidays, do you want to work out again? Our coach gives you some tips to go back to it more easily!

Choose the fun sport!

We stop forcing ourselves to practice a sport for the sole purpose of losing a few extra pounds and we start to practice activities that we really like!

Whether Boxing, Zumba, LesMills or water activities, the goal is to have fun to be as regular as possible throughout the year! Even better? Ask a friend to register at the same time to get motivated!

A fitness activity for everyone

Do you like speed and you cannot stand waiting? Head to classes such as Bodyattack or Bodycombat to consume as much energy as possible! Dance enthusiastic, do you feel the rhythm? Go for Zumba, Salsa or Bodyjam classes, the perfect way to get up to speed!

Need to escape? Choose more zen classes like Stretching, Yoga or Pilates. Finally pool side, discover the aquabike and water aerobics for all those who love water!

A personal coach to get motivated

Are you afraid that your motivation is lacking? Take a coach! It is the ideal solution to keep your motivation and goals going. From the start you benefit from a targeted diagnosis and then the implementation of an adapted personal plan! Guaranteed results!

The best for a guaranteed motivation

Start by setting yourself achievable goals. Nothing is worse than getting discouraged after just a few weeks of effort. Finally, bet on a fashion sportswear to feel good and make the difference when preparing your sports bag.

Photo Credit : Freepik – Texts : Wellness Sport Club

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