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Sport and health : 3 sweat-related benefits

transpiration et fitness

Do you tend to sweat during your Bodypump ™ class or cardio session? So much the better! The coach explains why.

Fitness and thermoregulation: a vital phenomenon
It’s always the same story. From the first minutes of your Bodyattack™ (Geneva gym) or biking (Lausanne club) class, you are already sweating. Be happy because this sweating phenomenon boosts performance!

How? ‘Or’ What ? Quite simply by ensuring a role of thermoregulator capable of keeping the body at an optimal temperature. Objective: to avoid overheating. In other words, without the sweat, a Bodysculpt class or a weight training session in circuit training mode would end with a throwing fever. We were hot!

A pretty skin effect and a detox action
Like a hammam or sauna session, perspiration that beads on the surface of the skin during a fitness session softens and softens the epidermis. Purifying, sweat rids the body of its toxins by draining them outwards.

From there to consider a boxing session (Geneva hall) or Sh’Bam™ (Lausanne club) as a beauty treatment on its own , there is only one step. Be beautiful and practice!

Health advice from a sports coach
Be careful not to forget the essential reflex to any intelligent fitness training: drink. Indispensable to compensate for the loss of water linked to perspiration, satisfactory hydration guarantees performance maintenance. For example, losing a liter of water results in a loss of physical capacity of around 20%.

And for good reason, a decrease in the amount of fluid in the body reduces the blood volume necessary for cardiac output. The muscles, less supplied with oxygen, contract less quickly. Fatigue is felt, which can lead to discomfort if nothing is done. The right fitness tip: whether you practice Pilates or water aerobics, drink before, during and after the session.

For other sports and health advice, visit your Wellness Sport Club in Geneva or Lausanne!

Photo Credit : Freepik – Texts : Skom.

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