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Fitness workout : more performing with music !

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17 . 01 . 19

It’s scientifically proven. Whether you are in a group class, on the weight training platform or on the cardio-training area of ​​your Wellness gym (Geneva, Lausanne)

Fitness classes: all in heart!

Imagine what would be a CX Worx ™ course (Geneva), biking (Lausanne) or aquabiking (Geneva and Lausanne) without music keeping pace and linking fitness choreographies would become mission impossible, especially since, wait for it, the body adapts to beats per minute (BPM) by tracing the rhythm of the heart to the tempo of the playlist listened to. Useful to surpass yourself during a Bodypump ™ or Bodysculpt course, and we’re not even talking about Zumba® (Geneva) or Sh’Bam ™ (Lausanne)!

Bodybuilding or Cardio Training: Concentrate

How to keep on doing loaded squats, pushups, pullups and other deadlifts? Staying focused thanks to the playlist! Whether on a bike, an elliptical or on the weight platform, the headphones on the ears creates a bubble that invites effort and refocusing. Immersed in the music, we naturally respect the chosen tempo while escaping the ambient sounds. Ideal for optimizing a fitness session!

A tailored fitness playlist

How to compose an effective fitness playlist? The coach recommends to adapt each piece to the activity of the moment. So we start with punchy sounds to boost the warm-up before moving on to techno sounds at the peak of the cardio. At the stage of stretching, we put everything on a Zen mode to prepare for the hammam.

Want to revolutionize your indoor sports sessions? So push the door of a Wellness Sport Club gym in Geneva or Lausanne!

Photo credit: Freepik – Texts: Skom.

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