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In 2019, should i work out in the morning or in the evening ?

fitness matin ou soir

In full fitness 2019 resolutions mode, do you hesitate between the morning session and the evening session? The Wellness Sport Club coach (Geneva and Lausanne) helps you to see your options more clearly.

Fitness sessions: a matter of natural rhythm
In the morning, you like to sleep in and you cannot imagine being able to pull yourself out of the bed to dance Zumba® or unwind in an RPM™ class.

As for the evening, many people are reluctant to follow a Bodyattack™ or Sprint™ course after a day of stress in the office. The best formula to find the right workout fitness moment? Read what follows!

Morning sport: the top for weight loss
Advice to those looking to lose weight after the holiday season, the solution may be here! In the morning, a good Bodypump ™ or aquabike course allows you to take directly into its fat reserves. Perfect to overcome the little waist weight!

Another advantage of the morning session in a fitness club: we arrive relaxed and happy at work. Finally, a workout fitness or bodybuilding in the first part of the day promotes quality sleep.

Evening sport: ideal to loosen up with friends
Let’s be honest, it’s not at 8 o’clock in the morning that you’ll be meeting with friends or coworkers for a fitness workout or dancing the Sh’Bam™. However, nothing like a good session of bodybuilding after work to take care of yourself in a friendly way.

Another advantage of the end-of-day sports session: the way you’ll release the pressure after managing important files at work. Get the right boxing class, Bodycombat™ or Sprint™ ! Performance side, it is late afternoon that our body would be the most operational. When Mother Nature expresses herself, we have no excuse as to go work out in the morning or in the evening. And you, what do you think ?

Go to your Wellness Sport Club gym in Geneva or Lausanne for more sports, fitness, health and slimming tips!

Photo credit : Unsplash – Texts : Skom.

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