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Pilates : All the truth about this speciality fitness !

Cours de Pilates

Fitness enthusiasts often think of Pilates as a gentle gym class for naïve girls. They are wrong ! The point with the coach Wellness Sport Club (Geneva & Lausanne)

30 Pilates sessions to transform your body

A finer silhouette, curved muscles, bouncing glutes or a flat stomach … we all dream to change something in our body. The good news is that Pilates can work at all levels. For 45 or 60 minutes, a Pilates class (Geneva and Lausanne) is stringing together the most demanding muscle building exercises. To maintain a challenging posture, imagine that you are supposed to maintain an abdominal contraction at all times. Therefore, the creator of Pilates promises a brand new body after only 30 sessions. Tempted?

Relearning to breathe with Pilates

From the beginning of the course, the coach invites you to refocus while a work on the breath feeds the muscles with oxygen. A little like yoga, tai chi and Qi-gong, a Pilates class is based on concentration and breathing. Essential for linking and maintaining postures! Plus: a beneficial action on stress.

Fight against back pain and not only Pilates works intensely on the abdominal belt and on the lumbar. Stack the right synergy to prevent and alleviate low back pain. As a bonus, the discipline improves the control of the gestures by sharpening fluidity and precision.

To relax from the inside

By stimulating the whole body, Pilates acts like a booster on the blood circulation. Even more surprising, some postures have a massaging effect on the organs and on the viscera, improving their functioning.

The advice of the coach to practice Pilates (Geneva, Lausanne): come barefoot, wear a comfortable outfit and think about drinking green tea after the session.

Want to test a course? Head to the Wellness Sport Club gym in Geneva or Lausanne to try!

Photo credit: Freepik – Texts: Skom.

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