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Fitness and Bodybuilding : The common preconception

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Stopping sport makes you fat. Doing fitness during the first three months of pregnancy is not recommended. Physical activity alleviates stress … The Wellness Sport Club coach (Geneva and Lausanne) disentangles the true from the false.

Sport and its anti-stress effects
Is it true that sport, and not only yoga or Bodybalance™ but also more cardio disciplines (Bodypump™, Boxing, RPM™…) have anti-stress virtues? The answer is yes.

This effect is explained by the hormones of well-being secreted during exercise and by the absence of parasitic thought during intense exercises. Besides, nothing like a problem to solve in a time of going to train to find solutions thanks to the hindsight that physical activity brings. Take the test!

It is not recommended to train during the first 3 months of pregnancy
Unless your doctor advises against it and outside impact sports or those presenting a risk of falls, practicing physical activity during the first months of pregnancy is beneficial.

Walking on a mat, sitting or lying on a bike, swimming, yoga… are all fitness activities to practice in order to stay in shape, maintain your stamina and muscles and promote a return to normal weight after childbirth. To do: report the pregnancy to the coach so that he can adapt the exercises.

Quitting sports makes you fat
This is true for very hard-working athletes who practice intensely and who need an above-average energy ration. Stopping physical activity is not always accompanied by a decrease in calorie intake.

Result: we eat the same way when the body does not burn as much energy. And this is where you gain weight. Logical! The right tip: adapt your diet to your lifestyle.

Sport makes you lose weight
Yes and no. Sport, by increasing muscle mass, often changes the balance on the wrong side. In addition, failing to adopt correct food hygiene, practicing Bodypump™ or Bodysculpt while eating fast food every day does not produce the expected effects. It is actually the mix of sport (preferably cardio and muscle building) and healthy eating that ensure weight loss.

Doing intense cardio sports cleans smokers’ lungs
The coach is formal. To purify the lungs of a smoker, nothing beats … Quit smoking! Indeed, if sport contributes to the feeling of well-being and full health, it does not cancel the harmful effects of tobacco. Sorry …

Challenge your fitness knowledge, go to the premium Wellness Sport Club in Geneva or Lausanne where a top sports team awaits you!

Photo Credit : Pexels – Texts : Skom.

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