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Sportfasting : Good or bad idea ?

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When we talk about practicing sportfasting, we hear anything and everything! Take a Bodycombat or Zumba class without having breakfast; is it a good or a bad idea? Your Wellness Sport Club coach takes stock.

Fasting workout burns more calories

When you do a fasting fitness session early in the morning, your body does not have the calories from a meal taken a few hours before your exercise. This insufficiency forces your body to tap into its fat reserves in order to supply your muscles with energy and thus to produce the necessary effort during your Bodypump, Zumba or RPM classes.

Note: This practice does not mean that your calorie expenditure will be greater. It is simply handled differently. Another advantage related to the practice of sportfasting, the absence of digestive problems. So you can forget those unpleasant sensations, such as bloating, after your workout when the previous meal was too heavy!

Tips for a fasting session

When performing morning exercises on an empty stomach, your body is dehydrated. To correct this effect, we strongly advise you to drink water before, during and after your fitness or bodybuilding session. This reflex will allow you to significantly reduce the risk of tendinitis!

Bring with you an energy bar or a fruit to avoid feeling dizzy. Finally, exercise wise, prefer a circuit or a group course that you usually do. This is not the time to challenge your body with a Sprint or a Cross Training session!

The disadvantages of sportfasting

A session of “pure bodybuilding” will work effectively on your body fat but will not, under any circumstances, increase your muscle mass. Also be very vigilant about your hydration. Indeed, as the body produces more toxins during fasting training, it is necessary to eliminate them.

Want to know more? Do not hesitate to contact the sports team of your Wellness fitness club for advice! Go to Geneve Wilson or Lausanne.

Photo credit : Agence Melbourne – Texts : Wellness Sport Club

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