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Sauna or hammam : which one do i choose after a sport session ?

hammam sauna

Looking for a heat bath after your BodyAttack™ or bodybuilding workout? That’s good, your gym Wellness Sport Club (Geneva, Lausanne) has a well-being area dedicated to post-fitness cocooning. To choose between the two, discover the coach’s explanation.

What is the difference between the hammam and the sauna?
One diffuses steam while the other plays on dry heat. In both cases, these champions of sports recovery activate the blood circulation, reducing joint pain and feeling of soreness. Pretty cool after a big session of RPM™, Grit™ or Bodypump™!

Another benefit and not the least: they reduce considerably the effect of stress. So many good reasons to curl up, provided that one is in good health (no circulatory problems in particular) and amateur of temperatures up to 90 degrees!

The hammam: an oriental steam bath
It is in a tropical atmosphere that the hammam provides its multiple benefits. This bath from the Eastern tradition includes a temperature of up to 50 degrees and, get this, 100% humidity! Ideal to relax after a boxing class or after a punchy fitness workout.

Benefits, the Turkish bath promotes the secretion of the hormone of well-being, it is proven! And don’t forget its anti-muscle action that reduces the pain of stress. Finally, the hammam clears the airways. Useful in winter! The good idea is to put a few drops of eucalyptus essential oil on the nozzle of the steam generator so that the precious perfume helps us fight the common cold.

Finally, the hammam is well known, cleans the epidermis in depth. You’ll come out re-energized and with a skin as soft as a baby’s!

The sauna: a volcanic heat
This dry heat bath born in Finland supports its effectiveness on 3 key elements: a small wooden room that invites to rest after the sport, a stove and volcanic stones that we water to reach up to 90 degrees. What are the benefits of a sauna session after a Zumba® class or yoga session?

First, you breathe and recover after your workout. Then, we take advantage of the joint action that relaxes the muscles and drains the toxins to imagine a painless tomorrows. Plus: it’s a good time to chat with the Pilates girlfriends that we do not see often.

Want to test the heat bath that feels good? Go to the wellness area of your Wellness Sport Club gym in Geneva or Lausanne!

Photo credit : Unsplash – Texts : Skom.

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