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Gym and Make-Up : Good or bad idea ?

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Participate in your pole dance or Zumba® class without makeup? Impossible! To find out if glitter complexion and glossy mouth go well with sports effort, read on!

Foundation and eyeshadow don’t like cardio training
You already know that the foundation, as qualitative as it is, tends to drip a little when you sweat profusely. We therefore forget this type of product to practice our most intense workout fitness or let off steam in the RPM™ or Sprint™ studio.

And that’s not to mention the eyeshadow which, applied without a base, turns under the effects of wetness. Not very glamourous! Namely: in general, covering products prevent the skin from breathing properly during exercise.

Moreover, the pores expand, absorbing more of the unwanted substances contained in certain products. Result: the beneficial effects of sweat on the epidermis disappear.

What products should I use to go to the gym?
According to the coach, the most effective beauty routine is removing makeup before the session. Then, the choices vary according to the activity practiced and the type of skin. You have oily skin and you are about to participate in a boxing class?

Zap the moisturizer and settle for a mist of mineral water or a light, mattifying gel. If your skin is rather dry and reactive, do not hesitate to hydrate it before any type of sporting activity.

And for those who really can’t do without make-up during sport?
For the most addicted to their makeup bag, the ideal solution is to make up the lips and eyes to let the rest of the face breathe. So we put on a good waterproof mascara which has the advantage of avoiding the panda effect (including at the end of the aquabike course).

For the lips, we choose a tinted balm that plays the natural effect. And if we really can’t do without a concealer, we turn to a light bb cream or a tinted cream with a foam texture.

Want to discover other beauty tips? Head to your premium Wellness Sport Club in Geneva or Lausanne!

Photo Credit : Pexels – Texts : Skom.

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