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Fitness : Enter the summer body mode !

The Wellness Sport Club coach in Geneva and Lausanne unveils his selection of the most effective fitness classes to properly prepare for the swimsuit ordeal.

Bodypump™: to refine and tone in a matter of seconds
With this explosive Les Mills concept, say goodbye to the extra pounds stored last winter. The secret of Bodypump™ ? Punchy choreographies that combine muscle building and cardio. This detonating mix dislodges fat and really shapes the muscles. Must imperatively fit into your special beach fitness program!

Aqua fitness: to get rid of cellulite
Nothing like an aquabike course to exterminate the ugly dimples that lodge on the thighs, buttocks, belly or hips. Cycling in an aquatic pool, you’ll enjoy a draining massage thanks to the water resistance on the limbs.

Result: you’ll burn a maximum of calories without even realizing it and you’ll find yourself quickly with new thin and reshaped leg. The best!

Pilates: to strengthen in depth
With this course of pure muscle building based on core strength, you’ll get a curved body. The demanding postures rely on controlled breathing. Perfect to get to know your body better and to refocus. Plus: the global action of Pilates guarantees harmonious forms.

CX Worx™ and CAF: to target thighs, buttocks, waist and belly
A flat stomach and curved buttocks, this is the promise of these two ultra-targeted concepts. As a bonus, CAF and CX Worx™ strengthen the thighs and give you a wasp waist. Good to know: CX Worx ™ fits easily in your agenda thanks to an express format of 30 minutes. The secret of its effectiveness: a cardio / strength mix that also burns calories.

Coach’s advice: to reshape your body before the summer, it takes at least 3 months. Frequency wise, take 3 sessions a week and alternate the types of effort to wake the muscles up. Finally, pay special attention to your diet to put the odds on your side. The good idea: the before / after photos.

Find the best fitness programs of the moment at Wellness Sport Club in Geneva or Lausanne!

Photo Credit : Freepik – Texts : Skom.

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