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Thinner Calves : Coach fitness tips

We know the fitness method to refine thighs, buttocks, belly and hips but … What about calves? The Wellness Sport Club coach (Geneva and Lausanne) gives us his method to refine this essential part of the body.

Large calves: identifying the causes
Several factors explain an increase in the volume of the calves. Overweight is one of the first causes of overly oily calves. The solution? Start by reviewing what you eat in order to adopt a balanced diet.

Second possible cause: water retention. Often due to excessive salt consumption, sedentary lifestyle and / or heat, water retention decreases with movement (Zumba®, aquabike, Pilates) which stimulates blood circulation. Same thing for venous insufficiency (which you probably suffer if you know the feeling of heavy legs).

Finally, watch out for sports activities that stimulate the calf muscles very intensely, causing them to swell more than you would like (sprinting, high impact sports, very inclined treadmill).

8 sports activities to lose your calves (and put your summer skirts on!)
The top in the matter? Pool lessons! With the aquabike or water aerobics, the calves benefit from a massaging effect thanks to the water that drains the tissues, acting on the problems of retention and lazy circulation.

Exactly what the legs need! Another track is low-impact fitness classes such as CX Worx™, Pilates, yoga, cycling (sitting still) or elliptical (feet flat). On the exercise side, the coach advises to practice plantar flexions which lengthen and tone the calves without gaining volume. The method?

Positioned on a step, we put ourselves on tiptoe then we descend. On the accessories side, the compression socks or stockings promote venous return. We think about it before going to his Bodysculpt or Cross Training class!

Good to know
When you suffer from swollen calves, you put on hydration to reduce the phenomenon of water retention and to drain. Avoid high sodium industrial dishes and drink green tea which detoxifies the body.

In case of circulatory problem, the coach advises to sleep with the legs raised, to finish each shower with a jet of cold water on the calves or even to take food supplements of the veinotonic type based on plants (red vine, horse chestnut ‘India…). Finally, we avoid prolonged standing, trampling and sedentary lifestyle. The key word: move!

To sculpt your body cm² by cm², go to the Wellness Sport Club in Geneva or Lausanne!

Photo Credit : Freepik – Texts : Skom.

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