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Body : The 7 fitness classes to practice to reshape your body

Cours de fitness à Genève

Buttocks a little soft, knees too plump, arms not firm enough … we all have our small complexes. From the CX Worx™ to bodybuilding and aquabiking, the Wellness Coach in Geneva and Lausanne unveils the top 7 fitness classes to reshape your body.

Sprint™, RPM™, Aquabike: fitness classes that tightens the lower body
To target the legs, thighs and buttocks, nothing like courses that stimulate the lower limbs. We take advantage of the HIIT method (High Intensity Interval Training) with a Sprint™ course. Hyper intense, this type of workout can burn calories for several hours after the session.

Amazing also to refine and curve the lower body, the RPM™ strengthens the lower limbs in record time. And to erase the ugly dimples that lodge on the buttocks and thighs, head to the pool for an aquabiking course. What is the secret of this anti-cellulite course? Water that provides resistance to body movements, acting as a draining massage. Light leg effect guaranteed!

Bodybuilding, Bodypump™, Pilates: gym classes that strengthen the upper body
Want to reshape your shoulders, a firm chest, arms well drawn? You have several options! Head to the weights area to begin with. The latest generation Technogym devices at Wellness Sport Club truly target each muscle group almost surgically. Ideal to reshape the body!

On the training side, a session of Bodypump™ promises fast effects thanks to the cardio-reinforcement muscular combination that refines while shaping the silhouette and especially the upper body thanks to the weight lifting. Finally, to work the whole body, including abs, nothing better than Pilates which will strengthen your body, its effectiveness is proven.

CX Worx™, CAF: fitness classes that target buttocks and abs
For plump but firm buttocks with a flat stomach, a course of CAF (thighs, abs, buttocks) is required. On the agenda: ultra-targeted muscle building exercises in these key areas. All stretched out, feeling the burn, the movements are sometimes difficult to finish? It’s a good sign.

This means that the muscles are put to the test. In an express and intense format on the cardio side, the Les Mills CX Worx™ concept promises amazing results in no time. And as the course lasts only 30 minutes, we really have no more excuses not to start!

Want to know more? See you in your premium Wellness Sport Club gym in Geneva or Lausanne!

Photo credit : Unsplash – Texts : Skom.

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