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Slimming : Understanding the fat and muscle mass distribution

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03 . 02 . 20

What is the ideal percentage of fat mass? How to assess the fat / muscle distribution? The Wellness Sport Club coach in Geneva and Lausanne takes stock.

What is the fat mass for?
Notice to all followers of diet or intense sports training (Sprint™, Bodypump™, Cross Training™ …), fat is simply vital!

A true energy reserve, it provides muscles with the nourishment they need to function during and after exercise. It is therefore important not to drop below a certain percentage of fat if you want to maintain its vitality and performance.

What is muscle mass for?
Muscle mass plays an essential role during sports effort (Zumba®, aquabike, Pilates …) but not only! At rest, it influences what is called basic metabolism. Clearly, the body burns calories to function, even at rest.

The more the muscles are developed, the greater the muscle mass and the higher the basal metabolism. Result: you lose weight more easily when you are muscular. This is why we must keep a muscle building activity (Bodysculpt, CX Worx …) and not bet everything on pure cardio when trying to lose weight.

How to measure fat and muscle after a workout?
To check the effects of your aquaboxing or Sh’Bam™ class on your body shape, nothing like an impedance meter measurement. This balance is based on the use of electrodes which send imperceptible electrical impulses into the body in order to measure their composition in muscles, water, fat.

Notice to fitness girls. Don’t panic if your body fat percentage turns out to be much higher than that of your partner. Women and men are not equal in this area. Thus, the fat mass index is between 25 and 30% on the side of women against 15 to 20% on the side of men. And yes, this is the extra part for a possible future baby that should be fed! Mother nature does things well…

Curious to know more? Visit your premium Wellness Sport Club gym in Geneva or Lausanne !

Photo Credit : Unsplash – Texts : Skom.

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